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A visit to the Le Monastère des Augustines is a unique opportunity to discover or re-discover a chapter of our history, in a place dedicated to heritage, culture and well-being. The innovative presentation concept builds on the past in order to offer visitors a decidedly contemporary “adventure within” that weaves together two key themes: health and culture.

The Monastère des Augustines is open to people of all cultures and faiths, be they residents of or visitors to Québec.

Several initiatives have been developed as part of the Fiducie’s social and cultural mission in order to achieve the following: provide respite to family caregivers, offer support to professional caregivers, provide accommodations and support to individuals accompanying patients from remote regions, recognize the dedication of volunteers working in health and social services, encourage groups committed to caring for and serving others, offer young people and low-income individuals access to nationally significant heritage, promote access to the Augustinian sisters’ archives, and build awareness of this fascinating chapter of Quebec’s past.

  • The hotel,
    museum and archives,

    An adventure within

    A haven of peace in the heart of the city, the Monastère des Augustines is part of the historic Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery, which has been classified as one of the most important heritage sites in Québec’s Old City.

    The site’s heritage value stems in particular from its 17th-century European-style architecture, its perimeter wall and large garden dating from the early days of the colony, and the important social role played by the monastery right from the start.

    Through their integrated design, the hotel, museum and archives enhance the site’s unique visitor experience and innovative programming.

  • L'Hôtellerie

    The Augustinian Sisters’ former “cells” will be converted into 65 rooms. Guests choose between rooms that preserve their original character and those that offer simple, contemporary decor. A restaurant inspired by a culinary philosophy of mindful eating and principles of sustainable development; meeting rooms for multiple purposes and groups of various sizes; and a boutique round out the experience.

  • Le

    Over the course of nearly four centuries, the Augustinian Sisters collected 40,000 objects. The Museum’s permanent exhibit enables visitors to trace the development of medical throught and practice, along with the history of the Augustinians Sisters. Another part of the collection is showcased throughoiut the building.

    Discover the Collections

  • Les

    The Archives will hold the equivalent of one linear kilometer of documents and old books of extraordinary historical value. The archives of the 12 monastery-hospitals will all be brought together and will allow visitors to trace the evolution of healthcare from the country’s very beginnings.

    Discover the Archives

A major achievement

In addition to their gift of the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery, the Augustinian sisters have entrusted the Fiducie with an endowment fund of $5 million and contributed $4.4 million toward restoring the buildings and bringing them up to modern standards.

The federal and provincial governments and the City of Québec have contributed a total of $37 550 000 to finance the majority of the work.

A tremendous amount of work has already been carried out. However, much remains to be done to make the heritage of the Augustinian sisters accessible to all, and ensure that it continues to be a source of inspiration for generations to come.

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