September 10, 2014

Le Monastère des Augustines reveals complete concept and new website

La Fiducie du patrimoine culturel des Augustines applauds the announcement of the complete concept and the various products and services that will be offered at Le Monastère des Augustines. Yesterday’s unveiling is an important step in the project’s development and long-term viability.

Indeed, the success of Le Monastère’s commercial operations is crucial: activities open to the general public will generate the financial resources needed to support the development of innovative community and social solidarity initiatives and ensure access to the cultural components of the project.

Revenues from accommodations and programs for personal rest and renewal offered by Le Monastère will not only support operations, they will also assist La Fiducie in offering a respite program for caregivers and those accompanying hospital patients. In keeping with the Augustinian Sisters’ mission, these individuals will be able to stay at Le Monastère at a reduced rate. In addition, the Fiducie would like to be able to offer this particular clientele access to Le Monastère’s other products and services – including its programs and restaurant – free of charge.

Revenues from Le Monastère’s various activities will also help the Fiducie reach another of its goals: ensuring that, for minimal cost, the general public will have access to the cultural aspects of the project, including the museum, the educational programs and the archival centre.

Furthermore, in collaboration with Le Monastère des Augustines, the Fiducie will also pay particular attention to nurses, psychologists, psychoeducators, doctors, social workers, and other healthcare and social service professionals in need of a break from their typically high-intensity work pressures. When the doors open in the summer of 2015, Le Monastère will offer programs specifically designed to help these professionals nurture themselves professionally and personally.

In order to ensure the viability of the social and community aspects of the project that are so important to the Augustinian Sisters, la Fiducie du patrimoine culturel des Augustines will seek additional revenue through a fundraising campaign. Details will be announced in 2015.

EXPLORE Le Monastère's new transactionnal website

WATCH a take from the press conference (Marcel Barthe) (in French only)

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