February 11, 2014


On January 23, 2014, the Minister of Culture and Communications, Maka Kotto, announced a contribution of $35 100 for the restoration of the foundations of the Notre-Dames-des-Anges wing of the monastery as well as the presbytery of l'Hôpital Général de Québec.

The monastery – a classified heritage site since 1977 – was founded by the Augustinian Sisters in 1693 at the request of Monseigneur de Saint-Valier, who had acquired the site from the Recollets the previous year. Established as a place to welcome the needy and the elderly, it remains a seniors’ residence and care facility, now under the responsibility of the Centre de santé et de services sociaux de la Vieille-Capitale. The Augustinian Sisters continue to live in their monastery. It is a place of historic significance, holding memories of the British Conquest of 1759 and witnessing to the evolution of architecture and construction techniques over more than 300 years.

Among their 12 monastery-hospitals, l'Hôpital Général de Québec was the second to be founded by the Augustinian Sisters, after l'Hôtel-Dieu de Québec in 1639.

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