July 6, 2016

PREMIERE: A school group visits the Musée du Monastère

Fifth graders from St-Malo school in La Cité-Limoilou visited the Monastère museum on March 16. This first guided visit was made possible by the generous support of those who gave to the Fiducie’s social and cultural mission.

Young visitors quickly took in this new environment. For many, it was their first visit to a museum. As soon as they arrived under the arched ceilings, the school kids’ imagination kicked in and they set off on a trip through time. This educational outing quickly turned into a historic experience, full of contrasts. They quickly noticed that the life of yesteryear was very different. They learned about the evolution of medicine over the years and the daily life of cloistered nuns who lived… without electronics!

“The children were enchanted by their visit. Highlights were when they saw the objects, sisters’ dress and surgical instruments. Some want to come back with their parents,” said teacher Marie Doyon, who questioned her students once they were back in the classroom. The class even imagined together what their lives would be like without electricity or technology. This comparison of their current reality with that of centuries past was most enriching.

Donations that lead to amazement

The Fiducie fulfilled one of the seven aspects of its social and cultural mission: providing unhindered access to the Augustinians’ heritage. This program allows school groups to experience the Monastère museum even if the school or parents don’t have the means.

“It was the Augustinians’ wish that everyone have access to the heritage they were leaving behind and that no one would be left out because they didn’t have the means to pay an entry fee. To fulfill this wish, a program for young people has been established. The funds collected are used to reduce the organizational costs of guided visits, while also giving young people an enriching cultural experience,” explains Fiducie Executive Director Marie Rübsteck, who also said she was thrilled to welcome this first school group, whose bussing costs were paid by donations. The Fiducie hopes to collect enough funds to welcome 1,500 young people each year from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

All donations received finance the seven parts of the Fiducie’s social and cultural mission. None is spent on administration. Among these driving principles, let us mention that we welcome patient companions from other regions and that we offer relaxing stays to family caregivers. If you would like to support the Fiducie, please click here.

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