July 5, 2016

The Fiducie’s ambassadresses celebrate spring

The Fiducie’s ambassadresses gathered under the majestic arched ceilings of the Monastère des Augustines on May 31 for their spring cocktail. They shared news and enjoyed a relaxing massage given by the Monastère’s massage therapy team. Begun by ever-committed fiduciary Geneviève Marcon, the Ambassadresses’ Circle is made up of caring women from all horizons who have given, so far, a total of $143,820 in support of the Fiducie’s social and cultural mission. They also share information about the Monastère in their circle of friends and invite other women to join in this movement of solidarity.

Latest news from the Ambassadresses’ Circle

The Ambassadresses’ Circle has grown steadily since its official launch in May 2015. It went from 61 women last year to 85 today. During her speech, Ms. Marcon expressed her wish that the Circle grow to 100 women by the end of the year.

Proud of these positive results, the event organizers unveiled the new privilege program. In recognition of their commitment, ambassadresses will receive discounts on the Monastère des Augustines’ products and services.

This initiative stems from the Reflection Committee, which was recently set up with the goal of sending the Ambassadresses’ Circle to new heights. It is made up of four ambassadresses: Investment Advisor and First Vice-President at CIBC Wood Gundy, Marie-France Delisle; Content Director for YQB Média, Dominique Laflamme; the real-estate agent Brigitte Renaud, and; Executive Director of the Fiducie, Marie Rübsteck. The Executive Director for the Monastère des Augustines, Isabelle Duchesneau, also joined them.

Write to us if you wish to join this women’s movement of solidarity that funds the social and cultural mission inspired by the Augustinians’ work and promotes the Monastère des Augustines’ activities!

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