March 11, 2016

Our precious volunteers at work

Since January 11, 2016, the Monastère has a team of nine volunteers. Among these, four volunteered before the remodelling of the monastery (which was then called the “Accueil Catherine”), and five are new. All retired nurses and social workers, our volunteers have backgrounds in the health and social services. They take turns from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The Monastère wishes to offer a warm personalized welcome seeped in Augustinian charisma and values, especially to family caregivers and people accompanying patients — presence, support and listening entirely dedicated to those who care for others, without the pressure of tasks waiting to be done.

Welcoming patient companions and family caregivers, volunteers guide them to their rooms and show them the Monastère’s main areas and interior passage to the hospital. They are available to listen and talk. Over a cup of tea in designated rooms, a chat brings comfort, support and peace to patient companions and family caregivers who are feeling many emotions and fears.

Our volunteers are good people with a rich past in the health and social services. They are able to offer valuable guidance to patient companions and family caregivers. In many ways, they ensure the continuity of what the Augustinians have always done for patients and their loved ones, in a spirit of help, altruism, listening and discussion. Our volunteers guarantee hospitality, a major value both for the Augustinians and the Monastère. Their involvement has MEANING.

The Monastère des Augustines’ influence is multi-facetted, and includes volunteers’ benevolent presence. Whatever the reason that brings them to us, our visitors are touched by this presence. Like the Ambassadresses’ Circle, made up of women who promote the Monastère on the outside, our volunteers are precious ambassadors from the inside!

In the photo:

One of our nine volunteers, Michel can be seen here in the kitchenette on the third floor, where the volunteer on duty welcomes family caregivers and people accompanying patients who wish to converse.

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