November 30, 2015

Give the gift of the Monastère!

Looking for an original gift for your loved ones this year? A visit to the Monastère’s gift shop may give you just the inspiration you need. Come take a look: we’re open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily!

Share the Augustinians’ story

The Monastère des Augustines draws its inspiration from the sisters’ history in designing its various components, which is the case of the “tisanes de l’apothicairesse”. These herbal teas are sold exclusively in the Monastère’sgift shop and are crafted by an herbalist who started her long research in our archives, a true goldmine of recipes used for three centuries by the sisters, who used a natural pharmacopeia to care not only for their patients’ bodies, but also their souls. Sold in individual boxes or tea chests of six flavours, these teas can be enjoyed on various occasions. Quite the original hostess gift or thoughtful gesture for that loved one who has everything!

The Augustinians also had recipes for indoor scents, which can be rediscovered today through the 1639 line, also exclusively sold in the Monastère’s gift shop. Whether you choose a version for vaporizers or a blend of essential oils for a diffuser, these perfumes invite relaxation.

Other ideas…

The gift shop is overflowing with items to help you continue your Monastère experience back home.We sell both historical books and books on health and well-being, various items for your yoga or meditation practice, and delicious natural ingredients that will bring an unusual touch to your holiday meals. You can also purchase a Monastère gift certificate that can be perfectly slipped under the Christmas tree. It can be used for a visit to our museum, an overnight stay, specialized care, a massage, an event on our calendar, a meal in our restaurant, and even for a little something in our gift shop!

Don’t forget that every dollar spent at the Monastère des Augustines helps fund the Fiducie’s social and cultural mission, which is to offer support, respite and comfort to people accompanying patients, family caregivers and professional caregivers, and to open the Augustinians’ heritage and archives up to young people and the public.