October 27, 2015

The Fiducie welcomes its first “clients”

Two components of the Fiducie’s social and cultural mission got into full swing in September. Family members accompanying a patient at L’Hôtel-Dieu de Québec were welcomed in one of seven rooms reserved for them in the Monastère des Augustines. The mission’s family caregiver component was also launched. Now one room with a small living area can be enjoyed every day of the year by caregivers who, day in and day out, care for people who, without their help, would not be able to stay in their homes.

 An important mission and social role

In addition to being entrusted with the Augustinians’ material heritage, the Fiducie cares for those who care for others by offering caregivers a place of respite and renewal. In keeping with its social and cultural mission, the Fiducie will offer over 2,400 nights per year at modest cost to patient companions and family caregivers.

The Augustinians have long opened their monastery to patient companions who come from remote areas to support loved ones undergoing treatment or tests at the L’Hôtel-Dieu. This tradition continues on in the Monastère des Augustines’ most authentic rooms.Offered at just $30 a night, these lodgings are accompanied by a warm welcome from Monastère staff and volunteers who are trained and ready to offer support and an empathetic ear. Visitors also enjoy a special access to L’Hôtel-Dieu, which facilitates their comings and goings between the hospital and their rooms. Patient companions are welcomed from September to June and reservations can be made either in person or by phoning the reception of the Monastère at 844‑694-1639.

Offering precious respite to family caregivers

It is estimated that over 300,000 Quebecers provide daily care to a loved one. These men and women relentlessly provide care and look out for their loved ones, who need them. The family caregiver component of the Fiducie’s social mission seeks to recognize caregivers’ commitment by offering them a moment of respite at the Monastère.

While a temporary caregiver (a family member, a friend or another caretaker) steps in to ensure smooth sailing at home, the caregiver is welcomed here in a room devoted yearlong to this respite. As soon as these guests arrive, they receive a personalized welcome tailored to their needs. They can visit the museum, take part in daily aetivities or simply enjoy this time of rest. This unique experience fosters caregivers’ rejuvenation so that they may continue their work.

Thanks to a partnership between L’APPUI pour les proches aidants d’aînés – Capitale-Nationale and the Monastère des Augustines, a pilot project for family caregivers helping elderly family members in Québec, Portneuf or Charlevoix will make 100 nights, including meals, available to visitors at a modest sum. It is possible to request a stay by phoning the caregiver hotline at 855-852-7784, by leaving a message at 418‑694-8559 or by emailing us at info@augustines.ca.

Other components to come

The Fiducie is developing other aspects of its social and cultural mission, which will be gradually offered to volunteers from the healthcare fields and public service groups. Access to the museum for young people and the digitalization of the Augustinians’ archives are also part of this mission. This latter is a sizeable but necessary task for conserving this precious heritage. It will facilitate access for researchers and history fans alike. Each gift will allow us to take another step forward and put in place these aspects of the Fiducie’s social and cultural mission.

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