October 21, 2015

The cultural programming is launched!

Fall saw the start of the Monastère des Augustines’ cultural programming. A wide variety of conferences, workshops and concerts will surely please arts and history fans.

Starting in October, the culture-health series will offer workshops on medicinal plants. Lead by traditional herbalist Hélène Mathieu, each two-hour workshop will present both historical and modern uses of medicinal plants. Special attention will be paid to the legacy of the Augustinian sisters, who were known as apothecaries and healers. The series’ workshops are complementary and can be reserved individually, though we do recommend attending all. To register, take a look at the programing on monastere.ca. (In French only.)

On November 5, the president of the Société québécoise d’histoire de la pharmacie and professor emeritus at the Faculty of Pharmacy at Université Laval, Gilles Barbeau, will present a conference entitled La couleur de vos humeurs? For nearly 18 centuries, doctors believed that an excess of bile, a lack of humidity or too cold humour accounted for one’s good or bad health. Beginning at 7 p.m., learn about humourism and the doctrine of signatures. (In French only.) Reserve your seat by clicking here

Don’t miss out

Visit the Monastère des Augustine’s calendar regularly to learn about all the workshops, conferences and concerts. You can also use this tool to reserve your seat in just a click.