August 1, 2015

The Ambassadresses’ Wall takes shape

A few days before the Monastère des Augustines was opened to the public, the Fiducie installed the Ambassadresses’ Wall. It looks fantastic near the hall where visitors enter from Charlevoix Street. As we write, the name of 63 ambassadresses have already been placed around the commemorative plaque. Over the coming weeks, 12 more “femmes de tête, femmes de cœur et femmes d’honneur” will join their foregoers. With these new inscriptions, the Ambassadresses’ Circle now has 75 women who support the Fiducie’s social and cultural mission.

A concept in continuum

This concept was developed by Ambassadress Marianne Charbonneau, an architect with ABCP, the firm that is working on the Monastère des Augustines project. It was unveiled on May 27, 2015, at a benefit event in honour of the ambassadresses and consists of a plaque commemorating the work of the Duchess d’Aiguillon, the monastery’s first donor. It also highlights the contribution of today’s women who are joining forces to disseminate the Augustines’ memory and work.

The symbolism of the Ambassadresses’ Circle is further reinforced by each small plaque, engraved with an ambassadress’ name and placed around the larger commemorative plaque. Since the wall is wide, there is still plenty of room for all those who would like to join the Circle.


Text on the commemorative plaque:

Like the Duchess d’Aiguillon, who, in 1637, gave three Augustine sisters the funds to settle in New France so that they might found the first monastery-hospital in North America north of Mexico, these “femmes de tête, femmes de cœur et femmes d’honneur” again join forces to extend the Augustines’ memory and work. Since 2015, these ambassadresses contribute to shaping a great and caring legacy so that it may remain accessible for generations to come.


Photo : Louise Leblanc

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