March 25, 2015

The Ambassadresses Circle expands

To date, upwards of 30 “Femmes de tête, femmes de cœur et femmes d’honneur” have accepted the invitation extended to them by Geneviève Marcon, a member of the Fiducie du patrimoine culturel des Augustines’ board of directors, to join this social trust’s Ambassadresses Circle. So doing, they are contributing actively to the Fiducie’s mission and its numerous positive social and cultural impacts.

Having rallied round to this cause, these ambassadresses are, at the same time, perpetuating the work of the Augustinian sisters, who left a deep stamp on the history of Quebec and its healthcare system. By generously agreeing to join the Ambassadresses Circle, they have also committed to building awareness of the Fiducie’s social mission and the full array of activities and services offered at the Monastère des Augustines, the monastery and surroundings inhabited by this religious community for 375 years now.

This circle enables its members to ties of friendship and solidarity with a female accent. The notoriety and particular nature of this initiative have been steadily rippling outward across Quebec. Of particular note, this coming May 27, they will be gathering together for their very first benefit event, at which time they will be given an advance tour of the Le Monastère des Augustines!

Each donation supports the Fiducie’s social and cultural mission of accommodating and serving family caregivers, people accompanying sick persons, professional caregivers, and healthcare volunteers at the Monastère des Augustines. These contributions also support efforts to provide access to the sisters’ heritage and archives.

Our goal is to bring 50 women into the Ambassadresses Circle by May 27. If this mission is of interest to you, please contact Nathalie Deschênes via email or telephone at 418-780-4800.

In the photo: Marie-Madeleine Vignerot, the Duchess d’Aiguillon (1604-1675) was in fact the first donor in the history of the Hôtel-Dieu de Québec monastery. Beginning in 1637, she financed the construction of the premises and, thereafter, the settling of the first three Augustinian sisters in North America in 1639.